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Welcome to this first version of the Chakotay and Tuvok slash fanfiction Archive. Please note that any and all stories that are here will be predominantly of the male/male relationship disposition. These could be of a romantic and/or sexual in nature. If this is not what you are looking for, then please click: Exit

I am aware that this is a rare pairing, so there are not too many stories here. It is my hope that more authors write, and that I find enough of them to save here.

Please, if you are an author or a reader who has come across a fic that is not here, please don't be shy about letting me know. I hope all the author's whose stories end up here, end up happy with the service and I also hope to improve on the site as time goes on.

Thank you very much.


Come In


For all the stories that are found here, I'd like to say: Paramount owns Star TrekŪ. All of the characters in this universe and depicted on these pages belong to them. All Star TrekŪ symbols also belong to Paramount. They are being only borrowed for a while and I promise to wash and iron out the rumples before I put them back. No infringement of copyright is intended.


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